Recorded Wed, February 3, 2021 1:02 pm (EST)
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    Innovations in DFU management 18:00 - 18:30 GMT

    Every 1.2 seconds, someone in the world with diabetes develops a limb-threatening foot wound. Every 20 seconds, someone with a wound undergoes an amputation. Three- and five-year mortality amongst people with amputation exceeds all but the most aggressive cancers. With these data as a backdrop, we will review the current state of play regarding treatment of the diabetic foot and wounds in the developed and developing world. We will explore policy factors associated with the team approach to amputation prevention as well as tips for the structure of successful teams, both at SALSA and worldwide.

    The concept of the “Toe and Flow” philosophy of prevention will be explored. Subsequently, emphasis will be placed on specific successes and failures and perhaps a way forward toward extending ulcer-free-days in remission. We also explore the use of novel new technology merging consumer electronics with medical devices in an effort to prevent problems before they start. Further information regarding this lecture including video, manuscripts and blog available at:

    Innovation in diabetic foot care: How can R&D improve clinical outcomes ? 18:30 - 19:00 GMT

    Because diabetic foot ulcers are a source of suffering, our mission at Urgo Medical is to support healthcare professionals every day in healing their patients and making a difference by:

    Leading with science : Delivering innovative local treatments backed by robust clinical evidence thanks to continuous investment in R&D

    Being healthcare professional partners in diabetic foot management : Working closely with the scientific community to develop effective, simple and cost effective treatments in real life & educational programs to constantly improve knowledge in wound care

    Putting patients at the heart : Focusing on patient outcomes improvement by adapting to their needs and empowering them through education

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