At this time of unprecedented challenge for farmers around farm gate price, animal welfare standards, environmental and ethical challenges, do we need to fall back on an age-old alliance where vets as independent, trusted advisors and advocates can deploy evidence-based decisions to provide the services farm clients need to reach their sustainability goals?

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    George Brownlee BVM&S, BSc (Hons) Vet Sc. MRCVS,
    Founder & CEO – VetIMPRESS
    Farmer’s son and farm vet, George Brownlee is the founder and CEO of Farmvet Systems Ltd where the VetIMPRESS platform is developed. As a progressive farm vet, George took his passion for farm animal health and the future of food from animals and used it to create a secure data management platform that connects fragmented animal data across the industry. VetIMPRESS is committed to strengthening the role of veterinary practitioners in protecting animal health, animal welfare, human health and the sustainability of the world’s resources by creating the records needed to inform decisions for vets and their breeders using standardised, permissioned, secure veterinary data.