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    This webinar will focus on the assessment and management of patients with lower limb conditions, active venous leg ulceration and the associated skin changes that may occur with venous insufficiency; therefore, focusing on the whole of the limb and not only on the wound defect.

    Patients with venous insufficiency or an active ulceration will often suffer not only with a wound defect, but also with other associated skin changes. Skin disorders can often be as difficult to treat and manage as the wound itself, adding a psychological burden for the patient. The journey to complete healing can be challenging.

    During the webinar we will review assessment of the whole of the lower limb and consider treatment options to manage the wound and the associated skin conditions. We will discuss the benefits of using zinc oxide and ichthammol as an aid to healing ulcers whilst also maintaining the integrity of the surrounding skin, and as an adjunct therapy to traditional wound management, and compression systems.

    The webinar aims to empower participating clinicians to:
    Review their lower limb assessment skills
    Identify skin conditions associated with venous insufficiency
    Develop a plan of intervention where needed
    Discuss the benefits of zinc oxide and/or ichthammol within a healing regime
    Work with patients to develop a self-care skin regime

    To apply for CPD after watching on-demand, please email nurseledconferences@markallengroup.com
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