Abortion is one of the most costly disease complexes affecting the UK sheep flock. Costs in 2005 were estimated to be £20 million for Chlamydial abortion and £12 million for Toxoplasmosis. A single outbreak of chlamydial abortion in a Scottish flock was estimated to cost £2163 per 100 ewes. In this session we will cover the causes of sheep abortion commonly encountered in the UK, and recent evidence on how pervasive they are, how to react to an abortion outbreak and, perhaps most importantly, how to perform a risk assessment of a flock with regard to the common causes of ovine abortion, and how to mitigate these risks to minimise preventable losses due to abortion.

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    JP Crilly
    EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Small Ruminant Health Management, RCVS Veterinary Specialist in Sheep Health and Production, Larkmead Veterinary Group & Royal Veterinary College

    James Patrick Crilly graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2010. He worked in mixed practice in the Scottish Highlands before completing a three-year residency in Farm Animal Health & Production at the University of Edinburgh. He has worked in first opinion farm animal practice at Larkmead Veterinary Group in Oxfordshire since January 2017. From September this year he has combined this with the role of lecturer in small ruminant health and flock management at the RVC. He is a member of the European College of Small Ruminant Health Management, the Sheep Veterinary Society and the Goat Veterinary Society.