The new BVA position statement on bovine TB in cattle contains chapters on cattle controls, badger controls, testing modalities, and so on as you may expect. It also draws heavily on the social science of disease control and asks the questions of what needs to be done to give vets and farmers a feeling of ownership of this disease. In this presentation, James will explore the issues surrounding the vets role in disease prevention and control. What can we do beyond the test and move on approach of yesteryear?

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    James Russell
    President, British Veterinary Association
    James has been a practising Vet since graduating in 2002 from RVC. In 2005 he undertook a post graduate diploma in Production Animal and Livestock medicine from the RVC. His interest in biosecurity has developed with his observation of FMDV in 2001 and subsequent bluetongue incursions, as well as his work on bTB. This began with a lecture tour of the Midlands in 2008 discussing aspects of TB biosecurity and has developed during the time James is was the BCVA representative for matters surrounding bTB. He sat on the defra body TB Eradication Advisory Group (TBEAG), as well as being a board member for CHeCS. Prior to Covid, this understanding was put into practice daily as he works for the TB Advisory Service (TBAS) making bespoke recommendations on farm to reduce the risk of TB. As BVA president, James is overseeing the roll out of the BVA TB strategy document released in summer 2020.