Dr Ellen Schmitt provides the latest research, hot off the press, from a pioneering study into the impact of BVD in an endemic herd situation. The ADVANCE study is the first to evaluate the impact of BVD in an endemically infected dairy farm, using vaccination to create a protected control group within the herd. The surprising results show just how severe the impact of BVD virus challenge is on production.

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    Ellen Schmitt
    Bovine Field Practitioner
    Ellen Schmitt DVM PhD Dipl ECBHM ECAR is a bovine field practitioner. Her main objective is to deliver tailor-made services that add value to the daily life of farmers and their production animals. To contribute to the improvement of the dairy industry, Ellen thrives transforming the latest knowledge into applicable procedures in the field. Partly by training of veterinarians, farmers and technicians, but mostly by being on farm collaborating with farmers. Ellen has a specific interest in herd diseases, cow comfort, youngstock raising and milk quality, both in conventional and in automated milking systems.
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    Matt Yarnall
    Brand Manager for Ruminant Biologicals, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
    A vet by training who has progressed onto marketing and sales, relishing new opportunities including management, working with local and global teams and engaging with stakeholders on a national and international level. Always driven to excel at whatever task is at hand.