Calf scour remains highly prevalent in UK herds causing not just immediate short term problems, but also significant negative downstream effects in later years on weight gain and milk yield. Animal welfare problems are also an issue. Recent surveys have shown that around 82% of farmers experienced calf scour in their herds in a 12 month period and of those, 48% had calf deaths. Thus reducing calf scour at the pre-weaning stage goes a long way to benefitting future milk production and productivity. Calf pneumonia incidence is also closely linked to calf scour.

Probiotics such as Provita Protect optimise gut microbiome, which is now known as the director, not only of gut health, but of overall immunity in the body. This “cross talk” between the gut and the lungs also confers less respiratory disease due to an enhanced healthy gut. This recent scientific evidence clearly underpins why in the Provita Protect field trials, the treated calves displayed not only a lower incidence of scour (75% less) and increased weight gains (10%), but also a lower incidence of respiratory disease (70% less).

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    George Shaw
    Technical Adviser, Provita Animal Health
    George Shaw MPharm MPSNI has studied a PhD in Pharmaceutical Microbiology at Queen’s University Belfast where he also gained a Master of Pharmacy. His PhD was focused on the synthesis of novel peptide inhibitors to attenuate biofilm formation in clinically significant bacteria. George is a named author in various published papers in agri-science journals and conference proceedings. George also holds a Level II Certificate in Agricultural Business Operations from the College of Agriculture Food & Rural Enterprise. George joined Provita Animal Health in 2016 as Technical Adviser. The role involves extensive travel around the globe supporting and training Provita’s network of distributors as well providing technical on-farm support to farmers. George and his father farm on the outskirts of Castlewellan in County Down. The operation involves rearing approx. 100 dairy bred calves per year through to finishing or store ages, with a major focus on preventative health practices and weight gain from forage, to maximise productivity and profitability
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    Dr Tom Barragry
    European Specialist in Veterinary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Professor in Veterinary Pharmacology & Therapeutics
    Dr Tom Barragry is a qualified veterinary surgeon and veterinary pharmacologist.
    A retired professor in veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics with over 40 years’ experience of lecturing pharmacology & therapeutics to university undergraduate students. He has also been an external examiner in some European vet schools and an external examiner to PhD students in Utrecht, one of Europe’s leading veterinary schools. He holds a master’s degree and PhD in veterinary pharmacology and was one of the first veterinarians to be awarded a European specialist and diplomate qualification in veterinary pharmacology has been
    He is the author of the well-known veterinary textbook “Veterinary Drug Therapy”. This was a sole authored text of 1100 pages written in Philadelphia and published by Williams & Wilkins in Washington & Maryland. The book received very favourable reviews and was placed as recommended reading in many US universities of veterinary medicine and also on many European vet colleges syllabuses. It is currently held in the Library of Congress. He has written well over a hundred papers and articles in veterinary journals and in the veterinary press and has been a peer reviewer for a number of well-known international veterinary journals.
    He was a former member of regulatory agencies such as the Irish Medicines Board and the CVMP (Residues working group) in Brussels, as well as being co-opted onto other expert EU committees.
    Dr Barragry has commercial experience with many domestic and global pharmaceutical companies primarily working on drug evaluation, clinical trials, registration, marketing, sales force training, product development and market expansion. Currently consulting for Provita Animal Health.