Professor Barrett’s talk will focus on the ‘responsible use of medicines and medicine recording’ in livestock, explaining the key factors that influence best-practice treatment decisions within the context of legislation, quality assurance and market demand. The most important things that both veterinary surgeons and farmers need to remember will be discussed, including the legal framework in which we use medicines, the importance of considering antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the risks of residues when selecting a treatment. Professor Barrett will also outline national targets and recording as they relate to on-farm medicine use and future uncertainty including changes post-Brexit.

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    Professor David Barrett
    Professor of Bovine Medicine, Production and Reproduction, Bristol Veterinary School

    Professor David Barrett is a clinical veterinarian with 30-years’ experience in livestock practice, veterinary education, and research. He is both a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recognised specialist in cattle health and production and a European Veterinary specialist in bovine health management. He is a past-president of both the European College of Bovine Health Management (ECBHM) and the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA). He works within a large interdisciplinary research group focussed on antimicrobial resistance, with an extensive portfolio of related research using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.