This Masterclass will introduce the concept of electrical stimulation, delivered via the Accel-Heal device, to new markets. Key opinion leaders in wound care will demystify the concept of electrical stimulation, explaining its anti-inflammatory processes in an accessible way.

You will find out how this advanced therapy can be safely and effectively used as adjunct to standard care, to promote healing and reduce pain in recalcitrant wounds.

We will also explain how the device can be incorporated into existing care pathways.
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    Dr Leanne Atkin
    Vascular Nurse Consultant, University of Huddersfield/Mid Yorks NHS Trust
    Dr Leanne Atkin PhD MHSc RGN is a Lecturer Practitioner at University of Huddersfield additionally being Vascular Nurse Consultant at Mid Yorks NHS Trust. She completed her Masters degree in Advanced Nursing Practice 2010 and her PhD in 2017, her research focus was the treatment and management of peripheral arterial disease.

    Her passions include leg ulcer management, quality agenda, peripheral arterial disease and advanced wound management. She has published over 50 articles related to lower limb ulceration pathways, vascular diseases, wound assessment and quality of life.

    She is currently leading the ‘Legs Matter’ campaign aiming to raise patient and public awareness of lower limb conditions and working with the National Wound Care Strategy chairing the lower limb stream of work.
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    Jeanette Milne
    Chief Matron, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
    Jeanette is a Registered Nurse passionate about community care, tissue viability, realistic medicine, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, training and education.

    She has a special interest in leg ulceration, academic work, and advising corporations on Tissue Viability.