The UK is a very diverse country in the people who live and work here. However, the agricultural and farm veterinary sector lacks a huge amount of diversity. Wanting to work and live in a fair society is key to happiness, productivity and justice. A lack of diversity is the result of a lack of fairness.

In this session we will discuss how diversity is important in where we work and what we do. On its own, diversity can become a tick box exercise with little or no impact, so we will look further at how inclusion and equity is needed and what steps an organisation or individual can take, to create an environment where everyone belongs. It is everyone’s responsibility to do this. With a diverse sector, we can lead the way, both in the UK and in the world, while attracting and keeping the best talent in our workforce.

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    Navaratnam Partheeban
    Dairy Technical Specialist, Phibro Animal Health

    Theeb has a passion for the dairy industry. Being a farm vet, he enjoys working with British dairy farmers in improving health, welfare and production of their dairy cows around the UK. His roles have varied from clinical practice, education, pharmaceuticals and now consultancy. He is dedicated in working to support the sector in helping attract people from non-traditional backgrounds into this industry. This has included being a trustee of St Werburghs City Farm, a trustee of The Country Trust and on the ADHB Careers and Recruitment Sub-Group.

    Navaratnam is co-founder of British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society (BVEDS) and a founding BiPOC Working Group member at the Land Workers Alliance (LWA). He was recently awarded being an Oxford Farming Emerging Leader 2020 in his work on improving diversity and is part of a research team who have just been awarded a Sarah Brown Mental Health Research Grant to look at experiences of racism in the veterinary profession.