This webinar discusses how stoma care nurses can teach ostomates the correct way to clean their skin, form a seal and use any prescribed products to avoid or resolve complications. It also details when to encourage ostomates with persistent skin problems to try different appliances to find the most appropriate pouching system, only prescribing stoma accessories when optimal appliance choice and technique are insufficient to maintain or restore peristomal skin health.

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    Carolyn Swash
    Community Stoma Care Nurse, Hollister
    Carolyn has worked in stoma care since 2004 and qualified as a Nurse Independent Prescriber in 2009. Over the course of her career in stoma care she has worked in the NHS and currently as a senior stoma nurse specialist for Hollister Limited working in collaboration with NHS stoma care teams mainly within the North West. Carolyn has presented both internationally and nationally and additionally has been published in national and international nursing journals. Carolyn has a passion for providing and sharing best practice in stoma and skin health with a keen interest in nurse prescribing of which she was nominate and short listed for the BJN Stoma Nurse of the Year Award after establishing and facilitating the first Stoma Nurse Prescribing Forum in the UK.
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    Benjamin Wakefield
    Editor, Gastrointestinal Nursing