The development of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has diminished the effectiveness of many antimicrobials used to prevent and/or treat wound infection. In order to help address AMR, there have been the development of Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) programmes. These have been designed to educate healthcare workers and control the prescribing of antibiotics and targeting of other antimicrobials and hence reduce the likelihood of AMR.

This online Antimicrobial Stewardship masterclass discussed:

- The role of HCPs in implementing Antimicrobial Stewardship in wound care
- The impact of Antimicrobial Stewardship strategies based on analysis of a real-world online survey and experiences of expert practitioners
- Where practitioners can enhance effectiveness of Antimicrobial Stewardship in wound care
- The role of DACC-coated dressings to support Antimicrobial Stewardship in wound care

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    Professor Karen Ousey
    Director, Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, University of Huddersfield
    Karen is Professor of Skin Integrity and Director for the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention. She is also Visiting Professor in the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia and Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, a Florence Nightingale Scholar,chair of the International Wound Infection Institute, member of NHS National Wound Care Strategy, past academic editor for Wounds UK and is an editorial board member for the Journal of Wound Care. Karen led development of TVLC, the first UK wide Tissue Viability Service Competency framework. Karen's clinical background is in orthopaedics and tissue viability. She has worked in NHS hospitals in the North West of England and in London.

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    Dr Leanne Atkin
    Vascular Nurse Consultant, University of Huddersfield/Mid Yorks NHS Trust
    Dr Leanne Atkin PhD MHSc RGN is a Lecturer Practitioner at University of Huddersfield additionally being Vascular Nurse Consultant at Mid Yorks NHS Trust. She completed her Masters degree in Advanced Nursing Practice 2010 and her PhD in 2017, her research focus was the treatment and management of peripheral arterial disease.

    Her passions include leg ulcer management, quality agenda, peripheral arterial disease and advanced wound management. She has published over 50 articles related to lower limb ulceration pathways, vascular diseases, wound assessment and quality of life.

    She is currently leading the ‘Legs Matter’ campaign aiming to raise patient and public awareness of lower limb conditions and working with the National Wound Care Strategy chairing the lower limb stream of work.
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    Dr. Thomas E. Serena MD FACS FACHM MAPWCA
    Dr. Thomas E. Serena MD FACS FACHM MAPWCA, Founder and Medical Director of The SerenaGroup®, a family of wound, hyperbaric and research companies, is a board-certified Surgeon dedicated to advancing the science of wound healing.
    He operates advanced wound care centers across the United Sates and globally. Dr. Serena has been the lead or Principal investigator in over 100 clinical trials including a dozen CTP trials. He is recognized internationally as an expert in the field of wound healing: He has more than 250 published papers and has given more than 2000 invited lectures throughout the world. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Wound Healing Society, the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) and is now the immediate Past-President. He has also been President of the American Professional Wound Care Association and currently serves as Vice-President of the International Surgical Wound Complications Advisory Panel.
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    Trish Idensohn
    MSc. Clinical Skin Integrity and Wound Management (Herts) IIWCC (Toronto) RN.RM Wound Nurse Specialist in Private Practice CliniCare, Ballito, South Africa. Lecturer, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.
    As a lecturer, consultant and wound nurse specialist in private practice, Trish is passionate about providing holistic patient care, and whilst constantly and consistently improving patient care, at CliniCare, within hospitals, sub-acute facilities and patients homes, empowers multidisciplinary health care practitioners to “be the change” in improving patient care within an interdisciplinary team!