AIMS: To provide update of critical broadband deployment status around the world


1. updates on different broadband projects cross the world
2. forming trends
3. commonalities and differences
4. view what happens next
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    Tero Pesonen
    Board Member and Director, TCCA Chair, Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG)
    Tero Pesonen has been involved in various management and leadership tasks in global positions involving strong customer intimacy, strategic business orientation and wide-ranging solution development. He has been involved with the Professional Mobile Radio communication business since 1997 and in particular with promoting and organising TETRA Interoperability activities.

    Most recently, Tero has been involved in ground breaking work related to new opportunities in mission critical broadband. Tero works closely with major public safety and critical infrastructure operators and users in creating advanced solutions to meet mission critical requirements. He has been the chairman of the TCCA Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) since September 2014, where he is where he is strongly involved in bringing different stakeholders together to create a common critical broadband future. He is also a TCCA Board Member.

    Tero holds Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Economics.