About This Webinar
Paul and Julie will be presenting a case study of their experiences at AMA, where they and their teams have innovatively worked together to share their knowledge and expertise across the organisation to reimagine what they might be able to do with the content (in its widest sense) that the society generates, and answering questions from the audience.

Highlighting both how one society has thought differently about content, and their experiences of working across teams, this will be a lively and inspiring session.
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    Chair: Violaine Iglesias
    CEO & Co-founder - Cadmore Media
    After two decades of a career spanning academic and trade publishing, publishing technology and book translation, Violaine has recently launched Cadmore Media, a new streaming media platform specifically designed to facilitate the dissemination of scholarly and professional audiovisual content.

    By boosting the discoverability, indexability and accessibility of videos and podcasts, Cadmore gives publishers, societies and IGOs the tools they need to join the streaming revolution.

    Prior to Cadmore, Violaine worked at technology provider GVPi, SAGE Publishing and Penguin Random House. She holds a Master’s Degree in Publishing from ESCP Europe in Paris.
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    Paul Gee
    Vice President, Digital Product Management and Development - American Medical Association
    Paul Gee brings experience in both the society world and commercial publishing. He leads product management, development, and digital marketing for the AMA Ed Hub and JAMA Network, home of JAMA, JAMA Network Open, and the JAMA specialty medical journals. JAMA, published continuously since 1883, is the most widely-circulated medical journal in the world. Paul learned the ropes of publishing through time in editorial and production, along with time as journals publisher. He has worked on enterprise re-engineering groups tasked with overall improvements of production workflows. He is a certified six sigma process engineer who brings to digital development a unique mix of editorial and process focus along with business model strategy.
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    Julie Gill
    Vice President and General Manager of AMA Ed Hub at the American Medical Association
    Julie Gill is Vice President and General Manager of AMA Ed Hub at the American Medical Association. Dedicated to lifelong professional development, Julie leads the strategy and operations of AMA Ed Hub, an innovative new education delivery platform connecting physicians and health care professionals with trusted educational products and services to help them stay current, improve care and achieve better outcomes for patients.

    Julie has been with the AMA for 14 years and has served in strategic, product development and membership marketing roles.

    Prior to the AMA, Julie worked at JP Morgan Chase on change management initiatives and at Aon Hewitt managing pension system implementations.

    Julie holds a BBA from the University of Michigan Business School and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business.