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    Richard Perkins
    Director Public Safety, EMEA at NICE
    Since starting my journey in public safety more than 20 years’ ago the face of policing and law enforcement has changed significantly. From the days of Manilla folders painstakingly being filled over days/weeks/months with evidence documents and pictures to current day secure, online instant access evidence tools automatically ingesting, collating and even suggesting new relevant evidence to be viewed that may have been overlooked and related.

    I now support the digital transformation of policing and driving the modernisation of criminal justice as Regional Director Public Safety, EMEA at NICE, where I lead an expert team of former police professionals, technology specialists and project managers.

    Together we have overseen the implementation of the market-leading digital evidence management software (DEMS) solution - NICE Investigate – at more than 16 police forces in the UK, including British Transport Police, Cleveland, Hampshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, North Wales, Thames Valley, Surrey and Sussex.