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    Simon Clifford
    Managing Director, Cliff42
    Simon Clifford is a digital transformation and innovation specialist and strategist, working nationally delivering technology and enabling new capability. Now heading up Cliff42 supporting public protection digital innovation across government organisations. As Director of Digital and data working across UK Policing, he led strategy and innovation work and digital/data standards workstreams, responsible for “Setting the Direction” engaged with national boards and diverse government stakeholders.
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    Kyle Massingham
    CTO, Cliff42
    Kyle Massingham has worked across public sector technology, with experience delivering technology locally in force and nationally. Focused on helping the public sector adopt innovative technology to address thematic problems, whilst ensuring there are the capabilities to effectively run and maintain solutions, such as helping create a secure blueprint for policing public cloud services.
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    Geoff Robinson
    Superintendent Geoff Robinson has 30 years policing experience with Thames Valley Police including Public Order, Firearms and CBRN Command. Geoff is the lead for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, where he created the Force’s Legitimacy Board and has worked on the EU Horizon project framework, where he has led Law Enforcement partners and has more latterly become an evaluator and assessor.