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    Chris Lucas
    Vice-President, British APCO
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    Monica Million
    9-1-1 Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services
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    Ronald Williscroft
    Director, APCO Canada
    Currently serving as a Director with APCO Canada, Ron has held several positions with the Association and is a Past President and Lifetime member. Educated in Communications Technology at the National Radio Institute, he has worked as a Sr. Field Technician, Subject Matter Expert, Systems Specialist and Trainer in telecommunications with Bell Cellular, Motorola, Unitel and AT&T. Moving to Manitoba; he shifted to work as a Paramedic with the North Eastman and Interlake Regional Health Authorities.
    After a career changing back injury, Ron returned to apply his Paramedic experience and focus on Communications. He is an NFPA/IFSAC/ProBoard certified Emergency Services Instructor, ETC Instructor, ED-Q and graduate of the Communications Center Manager program with the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. He is an active member of NENA, The Canadian Coalition for NG9-1-1 and presently co-chairs the CRTC-ESWG TIF91 Working Group on NG9-1-1 Additional Data. He is currently employed with the City of Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Communications Branch as Manager, 9-1-1 Communications
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    Mladen Vratonjic
    Chair and director of TCCA and Vice-president of EENA
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    Jennifer White
    President, National Emergency Numbers Association
    Jennifer White is a 25 year veteran of public safety. She has served as a paramedic as well as in all roles within a PSAP to include telecommunicator, supervisor , trainer and director. She has been the president of her state NENA chapter three times and served as the first chairwomen of her state 911 board. Jennifer has participated in drafting and advocating several pieces of legislation to improve 9-1-1 funding and safety of citizens. She has had the honor of serving on many public safety boards and committees on a local, state, and national level. She has been asked to speak at multiple events as a subject matter expert. Jennifer is the current president of the National Emergency Number Association.
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    Brian Fontes
    CEO, President, National Emergency Numbers Association