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    Steve Norris
    Public Safety Market Director, Salesforce
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    Fatema Zaghloul
    Lecturer in Information Systems and Systems Thinking, Southampton Business School
    Dr Fatema Zaghloul is a Lecturer in Information Systems and Systems Thinking within the Department of Decision Analytics and Risk, at the University of Southampton. Her research focuses on how digital technology impacts organisations and society. In particular, she is interested in digital transformation and the interrelationship between emerging technologies, people, and their work practices, in a variety of contexts.

    Fatema’s current research activities explore the development of collaborative information infrastructures, which involves the alignment of the overall IT/IS environment across and between multiple organisations, along with processes, systems, practices, and people, in the context of public sector 'emergency service' organisations.
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    William Moore
    CEO, Airbox Systems
    William is co-founder and CEO of Airbox Systems, with more than thirteen years of entrepreneurial experience in situational awareness provision. Having studied Engineering at Bristol University William founded his first business at 21 specialising in the supply of fixed wing aircraft parts. Airbox was born in 2008 as a solution to navigation for private pilots, the system was quickly taken up by medical response helicopters with Dorset Air Ambulance leading the way. By 2011 the expansion into the emergency services sector was a defining the future of Airbox. With a focus on innovation, safety and the highest level of customer service, Airbox became one of the leading providers of situational awareness amongst the emergency services.

    The focus now was to connect air and ground responders and create a clear operating picture that brought the emergency services together. William’s strong leadership has enabled the business to support more than 75,000 emergency services operations annually across the UK, his extensive experience in assessing the technological needs of customers and translating goals into software has provided a strong foundation for a connected operational picture.

    The passion of Airbox is to protect life through enabling informed decisions, and providing the right information to responders to help protect life. People make good decisions when they have good information, Airbox delivers situational awareness software for complex and demanding environments. Our customers are people for whom safety and effectiveness in the field are paramount.
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    Christine Cant
    Head of Product Management, Europe, Hytera Communications Europe