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    Gerard Donohue
    CTO, Telent
    As CTO at Telent since early 2015, Gerard provides extensive knowledge of the current and emerging technologies trends required to deliver digital transformation initiatives such as Industry 4.0. As part of his remit, Gerard analyses these trends and insights, building a technology strategy roadmap as part of the CTO office. This ensures that Telent offers services delivering the tangible business benefits and innovation required to sustain its existing clients and attract new customers. Currently, he is engaged with technologies such as private 5G, Edge Compute and connected things (sensors, connected people, vehicles), how they offer a solution to a problem, how they complement or replace existing technologies and solutions.

    As part of his role, Gerard has also been engaged as technical programme lead for several high profile and complex projects wins. These include the transition and transformation programme for the National Road Telecommunications Service for Highways England and the design package for ICT for Hinkley Point C, the next generation nuclear power station being built in Somerset. Gerard has over 30 years’ experience in the ICT and Telecommunications market starting out as a field service engineer. Through his significant industry experience, he has gained insight into the developments and use cases for applications, systems and infrastructure covering many technology areas that together comprise integrated solutions across multiple vertical markets.