This session will explore how the use of coaching within teaching and learning communities has enabled subject leaders at Uppingham Community College to effectively quality assure pedagogical practice, identifying and embedding strategies to drive improvement. Over the last two years, staff at Uppingham have worked in teaching and learning communities to develop their pedagogical practice, using a range of resources including the "Walkthru" materials. These communities facilitated CPD sessions, led by internal expert practitioners, focusing on key areas of teaching and learning and sharing innovative best practice. This universal approach to improving classroom practice has evolved into our core teaching fundamentals of "model, check, retrieve" with an embedded focus on ensuring these basics are consistently delivered for successful curriculum implementation across the school. Subject leaders may identify a further need and add to these three core areas, as a bespoke subject-specific teaching cluster. Our high trust culture encourages regular learning walks between colleagues with peer coaching conversations aimed at improving practice in these core areas. This workshop will explore the journey we have been on, and the lessons learnt, along with advice on how you can empower your middle leaders to lead on teaching and learning within your school setting.

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    Pete Henshaw (Host)
    Editor SecEd & Headteacher Update
    Pete has been a journalist for more than 25 years and has specialised in education for 18 years. He has been the editor of SecEd since 2006 and Headteacher Update since 2012. He is co-host of the SecEd Podcast, SecEd and Headteacher update webinars, and writes regularly for the magazines.
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    Clare Duffy
    Deputy Principal (T&L and CPD) Uppingham Community College, Rutland