Our opening keynote will be led by Matt Bromley – SecEd’s most prolific contributor who has written more than 150 best practice articles for SecEd, who is co-host of our award-winning podcast, and a familiar face at many of our events. In this practical session, Matt will aim to bring his vast back catalogue of SecEd articles to life! Matt will open the inaugural SecEd Live! event by sharing his 10 top tips for teachers – common characteristics of the best classrooms - and, by so doing, will build on the decade’s worth of best practice articles he’s written for SecEd. Matt has taught a lot of lessons over the last quarter-century and, as a school leader, has observed countless teachers toil away at the chalkface. While he’s the first to insist there’s no checklist or blueprint for teachers to follow, and that context is key and pragmatism all, he has come to conclude there's a set of characteristics shared by all the most effective teachers. These 10 features cover all aspects of planning, teaching, and assessing learning and will give food for thought and self-evaluation for those delivering at the chalkface and those leading our teaching teams in secondary schools. With this keynote, Matt will 'tee up' the rest of the day, providing useful insights about leading learning, teaching and learning, and removing barriers to learning. He’ll also provide plenty of links to further reading!
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    Pete Henshaw (Host)
    Editor SecEd & Headteacher Update
    Pete has been a journalist for more than 25 years and has specialised in education for 18 years. He has been the editor of SecEd since 2006 and Headteacher Update since 2012. He is co-host of the SecEd Podcast, SecEd and Headteacher update webinars, and writes regularly for the magazines.
    Twitter: @pwhenshaw @SecEd_Education @HeadteacherNews
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    Matt Bromley
    Bromley Education
    Matt Bromley is an education writer and advisor with more than 20 years’ experience in teaching and leadership including as a secondary school headteacher, principal, FE college vice-principal, and MAT director. Currently, he is a public speaker, trainer, school improvement advisor, and primary school governor. He remains a practising teacher and is the lead lecturer on a national ITT programme. Matt is author of numerous books on education, including School and College Curriculum Design, and co-hosts the award-winning SecEd Podcast.
    Matt’s SecEd articles: www.sec-ed.co.uk/authors/matt-bromley/