This edition of the SecEd and Headteacher Update Webinar will offer a range of ideas, advice and tips for effective outdoor learning provision in the primary and secondary school.
The webinar will offer general ideas and examples of effective outdoor learning activities and approaches, including curriculum-linked and extra-curricular activities. It will include case studies of outdoor learning in action in primary and secondary schools.
We will also discuss the role of outdoor learning activities in supporting smooth transitions – especially the year 6 to 7 and post-16 transition – and good mental health. And the webinar will consider, too, how we can use outdoor learning activities – both in school and outside the school gates – to support the wellbeing of children and young people ahead of their SATs and GCSE exams. We will advise on using outdoor learning approaches to support GCSE revision and exam preparation as well as to tackle examination anxiety and support.

For over 40 years, Kingswood has been running transformative trips, encouraging both adults and young people to build confidence and resilience. It runs 11 activity centres across the UK and four in France. Kingswood is part of the Inspiring Learning family of outdoor learning and residential organisations. Visit &

Pete Henshaw is the editor of SecEd and Headteacher Update and has specialized in education journalism for more than 20 years.

Pete Henshaw, editor, SecEd & Headteacher Update (webinar host)

Dr John Allan is an established academic and outdoor practitioner. He is head of learning and impact at Inspiring Learning, a provider of adventure education for young people which includes Kingswood and Skern Lodge. He is also a visiting fellow at Sheffield Hallam University and a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy. John’s area of expertise centres on positive psychology, strength-based learning, and resilience building.

Alison Marshall is a qualified primary school teacher who is passionate about outdoor education. She is currently the lead teacher for outdoor learning at Archbishop Cranmer Academy in Aslockton, Nottinghamshire. Alison is passionate about spreading the word of the benefits of and opportunities offered by taking learning into the great outdoors. Her school has been profiled in Headteacher Update for its outdoor education work and she has also appeared on the Headteacher Update Podcast.

Jake Kempton is a teacher of geography and co-ordinator of Outdoor Education at Harrogate Grammar School, a large comprehensive secondary school of more than 2,100 pupils in North Yorkshire, part of the Red Kite Learning Trust. Jake delivers an alternative curriculum pathway for Key Stage 4 students, The Duke of Edinburgh Award and facilitates a whole year group Outward Bound residential

Nicky Joseph is the outdoor educational officer at LEO Academy Trust. LEO is a multi-academy trust that serves more than 3,500 pupils from across the London Borough of Sutton and Surrey. It operates nine primary schools with different specialisms and offers various opportunities for students and staff.

• What are the key tenets of effective outdoor learning, including curriculum-linked and extra-curricular activities?
• School case studies – an overview of approaches and ideas from Archbishop Cranmer CE Academy, the LEO Academy Trust, and Harrogate Grammar School.
• Ideas for effective outdoor learning activities including in-school examples (big and small), out-of-school trips, residential stays, and on-going, regular outdoor learning.
• What impact can outdoor learning activities have on pupil wellbeing and mental health – especially for reducing anxiety? What approaches work best?
• How can outdoor learning activities be used to support children and young people ahead of or during key transition points, including year 6 to 7 and post-16?
• How can outdoor learning approaches help as part of SATs & GCSE preparation, including to support revision and to manage anxiety?

Question & answer from the audience
• We will leave time for audience questions at the end of the webinar
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