This panel session will enable attendees to hear about the Hybrid Connex ‘Digital Ambulance of the Future’ project - a joint NHS and commercial technology initiative that uniquely combines 4G, 5G and satellite connections, ensuring that vehicle crews wherever their location will always be online with a high-speed connection. Delegates will be invited to take part in this Q and A session.


1. Delegates to this panel session will hear from several speakers who are partnering this project namely:-

a. Simon Hill, Chief Technical Officer, Excelerate
b. Tristan Wood, Chief Technical Officer, Livewire
c. John Vesey, Head of Health, Wellbeing and Emergency Services, Satellite Applications Catapult

2. Hybrid Connex has the ability to provide a whole range of new on-the-spot services such as diagnostics and enabling specialists located remotely to treat patients at the scene, thus significantly reducing unnecessary conveyance to emergency departments.

3. This two-year project has successfully been awarded €5.7m of funding from the European Space Agency (ESA), which will enable us to work with Ambulance Trusts to understand their challenges, explore technological solutions and fully fund a series of trials to demonstrate its operational and financial benefits.

4. Hybrid Connex provides a whole range of new on-the-spot services such as diagnostic procedures, tests, diagnostic imaging and greater use of technology to enable specialists located remotely to treat patients immediately through telemedicine.

5. Hybrid Connex is aligned to the Carter Review - ability to substantially reduce unnecessary conveyance, improve effective see & treat and enhance in-transit care
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    Adrian Smith
    Head of Digital Transformation, NHS Arden & GEM CSU
    Adrian describes his twin passions as transforming education and healthcare; and is happiest when the two roles come together.

    Inside the NHS, he has a digital transformation role but is also leading a major 5G healthcare transformation programme. He is convinced that reliable, ubiquitous connectivity is the key enabler on the journey to shift care from the clinic in the community and home – and he has spent the past six years developing a number of initiatives that demonstrate this. AI and innovative data analytic approaches are also in the mix.
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    John Vesey
    Head of Health, Wellbeing and Emergency Services, Satellite Applications Catapult
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    Simon Hill
    Chief Technical Officer, Excelerate
    Simon is a problem solver by nature and has worked extensively with UK and Global Government, Emergency Response and Health organisations to deliver and implement integrated technology solutions, based on operational outcomes.

    Leading a diverse portfolio and wide spectrum of capabilities across Research & Development, Integrated Technology and Connectivity Projects, Secure Satellite, Cellular, Private Non-Terrestrial Networks and Hosted Services. Simon takes an agnostic approach, developing and integrating intuitive and simple to operate technology solutions and collaborating with key stakeholders across diverse markets and projects.

    He believes Technology should be an enabler and puts end user and operational outcomes at the forefront of design, implementation and delivery.
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    Tristan Wood
    Chief Technical Officer, Livewire
    Founder and M.D. of Livewire Digital for over 30 years; Tristan has built the company by solving communications problems for clients in the satellite, broadcast and maritime markets.

    Tristan’s innovative approach to problem solving, determination and passion, have led to the realisation of a technology capable of providing seamless communications on the move, and in the most challenging situations and environments.
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    Nicola Savage
    Group Marketing Director, Excelerate Group
    Nicola has supported UK and Global Emergency Response organizations for 14 years plus to support an integrated approach to technology adoption. Also a Patron of UKRO, Nicola is an advocate for technology advancement and how it can advance professional rescue operations.

    Nicola is part of a team delivering Hybrid connectivity solutions to enable Responders access to effective situational awareness, interoperability and resilience as a standard. Underpinned by a scalable, secure connected eco-system providing optimum reliability and Resilience and the ability for responders to connect to critical applications across any environment.

    Projects include Fully integrated and scalable Fleet solutions including Command and Control, Smart Fire Appliances, Smart Ambulances/ telemedicine. Responder situational awareness inclusive of secure real time video streaming of connected cameras, UAV’s. Integration within customer Software platforms and more.