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    Robert Hogg
    CEO, Black Marble
    One of the founders of Black Marble, and currently its CEO, Robert has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of disciplines including multi-platform development, software design, encryption systems, integration solutions and innovative technologies. Well respected in the industry, Robert has presented on behalf of Black Marble and Microsoft at national and international conferences. He has held Honorary Fellow in Computer Science at the University of Hull, as well as Fellow of the British Computer Society, Chartered Engineer, Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for over 10 years. He is renowned software architect with a particular skill for enterprise architecture and integration solutions. Robert is responsible for the development of tuServ, an offline-capable mobile-first platform designed to provide front-line operational Police Officers with a collaboration space to surface information from back-office systems and guide them through common processes intuitively and efficiently.
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    Paul Kennedy
    Strategic Advisor: Police, Security and Technology, Black Marble
    Kennedy enjoyed a 30 year career in the police service, having served in four UK police forces and having attained the rank of Deputy Chief Constable. His earlier career centred on serious crime investigation, having led more than 70 enquiries into cases of murder, kidnap, abduction and extortion. Amongst those were a number of high profile criminal investigations through which he became skilled in media management. In 2010, Kennedy was seconded to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary where he led a value for money inspection of criminal justice reforms in the Metropolitan Police, leading a team of senior police officers, barristers and civil servants. Having successfully completed the College of Policing’s Strategic Command Course in 2013, Kennedy then became a chief police officer for North Yorkshire Police, responsible for all aspects of operational policing in the county. He was subsequently appointed the National Police Chief Council’s (NPCC) lead for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) in which he led the project with the UK Home Office to deliver a new £30 million National ANPR Service, the world’s largest ANPR database, based on cutting-edge cloud technology and software applications. Kennedy returned to the College of Policing in 2016 as a Director on the Strategic Command Course, enjoying the opportunity to support the professional development of other chief officers. As Deputy Chief Constable for North Yorkshire Police and in the final chapter of his service, Kennedy led on information technology that included a multi-million pound investment into mobile police technologies and substantial engagement with the Police ICT Company. Kennedy retired from policing in March, 2017. As founder of the UK Blue Light Channel programme, Kennedy now works as an independent strategic advisor for law enforcement agencies and technology suppliers, working towards improved engagements for all stakeholders involved in police technology.
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    Ismail Syed
    Senior Cloud Specialist - Data Science & Analytics, Oracle
    Ismail has spent 4 years at Oracle working as a Data Science & Analytics Cloud Specialist across different Regions and Industries. If data, cars, or gaming is on your agenda, you’ll get along just fine.
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    Phil Lawrence
    Principal Cloud Architect, Oracle
    Phil has over 20 years IT experience and is passionate about emerging technologies both in enterprise and consumer focused arenas. As a Principal Cloud Architect, he is aligned to supporting Central, Local Government and Police Forces with Cloud Transformation Programmes.
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    Jan Thompson
    Senior Director EMEA: Defence, Justice and Public Safety, Oracle
    Jan Thompson recently joined Oracle as Senior Director EMEA: Defence, Justice and Public Safety. Jan is focussed on using applications and information in police and public safety organisations to get from data to decisions faster.
    Jan's previous experience includes Scottish Police Chief Information Officer, Ericsson's Global Head of Public Safety and National Security, and Airbus Delivery Director based in Riyadh working with UK MoD.
    Previously, at Deloitte Management Consulting Services, he worked in technology integration with customers including the Police Service of Northern Ireland and UK's Police IT Organisation
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    Nick Chorley
    Director of Public Safety, Hexagon
    With over 30 years of experience in public safety, Nick Chorley works directly with our public safety customers and local country teams across Europe to develop solutions to help improve Emergency Service Centres. For the last five years, Nick has worked across Hexagon’s European business in a strategic role ensuring each country has the correct product for their customers. Nick works with our customers to effectively achieve critical mass on projects to ensure public safety. Nick Chorley has a Masters in Geographical Information Systems.