This Headteacher Update webinar will offer practical advice, ideas, and tips to help ensure effective tutoring interventions in primary schools.

Whether schools are delivering tutoring via the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Tuition Partners or their own in-house tutoring programmes, the discussion will seek to offer useful guidance and insights.

The discussion will include setting up tutoring, identifying pupils, working with families, tutor-teacher liaison, and advice about the structure and focus of tutoring (one-on-one or small group, academic focus or pastoral)

The webinar panel will include primary schools delivering tutoring interventions who can talk about their approaches, lessons learned and advice for others.

The webinar takes place in the context of schools working hard to close gaps in attainment exacerbated by the pandemic.

The National Audit Office report (February 2023) – Education recovery in schools in England – finds that the disadvantage gap is growing. After the key stage 2 SATS last year, the disadvantage gap index (a measure of the difference in attainment) was 3.23 compared with 2.91 in 2019.

About MyTutor

This webinar is being produced in association with MyTutor. Headteacher Update would like to thank them for their support. MyTutor provides online tuition, matching primary school pupils with fully trained and safeguarded tutors to reinforce class work, boost confidence, and get them SATs-ready.

Lessons have been created in partnership with teachers and leading curriculum providers, ensuring each programme can be tailored to pupils’ individual needs. MyTutor supports more than 1,300 schools and is an official Tuition Partner, as such 60% of programme costs can be covered by the NTP.

A flexible and simple to use platform, with a fully interactive learning environment, keeps pupils engaged and motivated. As Westdale Primary School in Nottingham put it: “The pupils really enjoyed it, they all came back buzzing!”

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Academic tutoring
• Where are we at with the NTP and what can schools expect from September 2023?
• What is the status of the NTP subsidy for schools? What is the status of the NTP Tuition Partners programme?
• What does effective academic tutoring look like?
• How can we identify those pupils who would benefit most from tutoring interventions? (Pupil Premium? RAG-rating?)
• Can tutoring help to close the disadvantage attainment gap? Is it mainly a Pupil Premium intervention?
• How should teachers and tutors work together? How can we ensure effective curriculum links between tutoring and the classroom?
• What traits make a good academic tutor? How should tutors and pupils work together?
• What are the most effective tutoring structures? How long, how often, and when?
• Who should oversee tutoring in schools? Is a senior leadership overview vital?
• How should tutoring be presented to parents/carers? How can they support the process? How can we communicate outcomes?
• How do you monitor and measure tutoring outcomes in order to ensure it is effective?
• One-to-one vs small group tutoring – pros and cons
• Tutoring as preparation for SATs – any specific advice?

Pastoral tutoring
• What does effective pastoral tutoring look like?
• What traits make a good pastoral tutor?
• Where’s the focus? Wellbeing, mental health, social skills, behaviour, attendance

Question & answer from the audience
As well as the discussion above, our panel will take questions from the webinar audience

On demand
The webinar will be made available to watch on demand after initial live broadcast.
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    Matt Bromley
    Matt Bromley is an education writer and advisor with more than 20 years’ experience in teaching and leadership including as a headteacher and MAT director. Currently, he is a public speaker, trainer, school improvement advisor, and primary school governor. He remains a practising teacher and is the lead lecturer on a national ITT programme. Matt is author of numerous books on education.
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    Emmanuel Awoyelu
    School teacher, SENCO and former assistant headteacher.
    Emmanuel Awoyelu is a primary school teacher, SENCO and former assistant headteacher. He is currently working overseas as a specialist inclusion teacher in the UAE and has a wealth of experience supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds. He developed the tutoring programme used in his previous school and has created similar tutoring models for his charity, The Reach Out. @TheReachOutProj
  • 1680251281-9884274d00f38124
    Bev Iles
    Assistant Headteacher
    Bev Iles is an Assistant Headteacher at Tangmere Primary Academy in Chichester, part of The Kemnal Academies Trust. She is responsible for a number of areas including SEND, Early Years and the TKAT ACE programme. ACE has been designed to provide “a champion for every child”, providing a dedicated 1:1 tutor for each disadvantaged pupil and their family. Bev also works for TKAT as a Regional ACE Lead, supporting schools within the Crawley area in the development of the ACE programme. Read more about the ACE programme in Headteacher Update: ACE tutoring programme
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    Richard Angus
    Director of Education Partnerships
    Richard Angus is Director of Education Partnerships at MyTutor. Richard’s focus is on speaking with as many schools as possible, to make life-changing one-to-one tuition a reality for pupils who ordinarily can’t access it. Prior to joining MyTutor in 2018, Richard held senior business development and consulting roles in the events and growth strategy sectors and spent a year in China as a TEFL Teacher. Richard is passionate about supporting the brilliant people working in education through technology and innovation.
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    Maria Pires
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    Tom Curtiss