Cindy and Mary’s talks in the 'Change' session from Society Street virtual (www.society.st/virtual) was one many of our attendees found inspiring: it came at a time when many were floundering.

Their session gave both reassurance and hope. We wanted to revisit some of the themes we covered in March, and ask Cindy and Mary to review where we are six months on.
  • How has COVID-19 developed our thinking?
  • How are we adapting to the changes, and what skills do we need to develop to bring value to our organizations safely through the turbulent times ahead?
  • What has been surprising about the last six months, and what opportunities do we see for the future?
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    Cindy Sparrow
    Acting Deputy Chief - Community & Support Services, Red Deer Emergency Services
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    Mary Williams
    Features Editor - American Society of Plant Biologists
    Mary Williams received her Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology from Rockefeller University. From 1995 to 2009 she was a Professor of Biology at Harvey Mudd College, a liberal arts college of science and engineering. In 2009 she joined The Plant Cell as the developer of Teaching Tools in Plant Biology. In addition to her editorial role at The Plant Cell, she mentors students through the Plantae platform; edits Plant Science Research Weekly; and gives workshops on writing, teaching and communicating at conferences and universities. Mary is very active on Twitter as @PlantTeaching.
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    Tracy Gardner
    Consultant - Renew Consultants