This webinar has been prepared in partnership with Nourish Care:

The session will describe how care homes teams can be empowered to use digital platforms to improve their care delivery and to support informed decision making, leading to more tailored care plans for each individual.

About Nourish Care:
Nourish Care is an electronic care planning provider that works with a range of different care services, offering a flexible digital platform that allows you to record at the point of care.

The most important goal for Nourish is to enable carers to spend less time on admin, and more time providing face-to-face, person-centred care. Nourish also allows carers to record, monitor and analyse the health of those they support in order to tailor care plans to suit the individual’s needs.

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    Nuno Almeida
    Founder & CEO, Nourish Care Systems
    Nuno Almeida is the Founder CEO at Nourish Care. Nuno has a background in Data Science, a track record of building fast growth businesses and an interest in ventures that deliver positive societal impact at a large scale. Nuno is also a serving board member with the Care Software Providers Association, and Chair of the Social Care Vision subgroup of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Adult Social Care.

    Nourish Care - Nourish is the culmination of years of collaboration with care providers, commissioning groups and families. We’ve researched every aspect of care, from working with people receiving care, people providing care, care commissioners, directors of social services, and directors of public health.

    Nourish enables carers to plan, record, report and co-ordinate health and social care, all focused on the person. At a time of growing demand for care, Nourish is using technology and design to empower care givers to do what they do best: help people they care for enjoy the best quality of life possible.