Join us for this 40-minute webinar to learn how changes in the Food & Beverage Industry are impacting organizations and what's ahead for Food Safety in 2022 and beyond.

The webinar will:
• Address how the Food & Beverage industry has quietly undergone a revolution and become a Just-In-Time industry
• Reflect on what we can learn from just-in-time philosophies, and the implications for Food Safety assurance
• The role data will play in getting to a “no mistakes” approach
• What the industry is already doing to make this a reality

Food Safety continues to be one of the top enterprise risks for many Food & Beverage companies. Much of the debate on Food Safety currently focuses on technical issues like Whole genome sequencing, rise in allergens, and issues posed by the circular economy. But are these the right topics?

The increasing complexity of Food Safety and increased pressures on technical resources, combined with a food industry that has become a Just-In-Time industry poses new challenges. Have our Food Safety assurance mechanisms evolved to keep pace with the changes in the industry and society?

Details About the Webinar

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 · 3:00 p.m. London (GMT +1:00)
Cost: Free
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About the Speakers

V Valeria Lamia
Food Specialist

1647014290-936d19eaef2fce78 Roy Kirby
Partner, FoodsafERM

With over 30 years experience at the highest levels in blue chip companies, regulators, universities and NGOs
Leading on food and consumer safety from program, policy and product design to verification of system effectiveness and enterprise risk management.

Leader of the Mondelez food safety team that was recognized in 2021 with the IAFP black pearl award. Currently co-chair of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and dedicated to developing and thinking on the future of food safety management whilst helping organizations effectively manage their food safety risk.

1647014367-02fbaefd4375bde3 Geert Van Kempen
Director of Strategy - Food & Beverage, Veeva Systems

Geert joined Veeva Systems in 2021 as Director QualityOne Strategy, focusing on the Food & Beverage industry. After receiving his PhD in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology, he joined Unilever R&D in 1998. He has 23 years of experience in Foods, R&D, innovation, Quality and Quality systems.

Geert has spent most of his career working for Unilever’s Spreads Division, developing expertise in oils & fats as well as product & processing technologies. He published his work in peer-reviewed publications and holds several patents. Responsible for various Quality systems, including supplier and manufacturing systems, and led Unilever’s global digital Quality transformation project, introducing Veeva QualityOne.