DVR's Presentation will discuss how electronic manufacturers can deliver within a crisis (Covid pandemic), using a case study of DVR’s which saw them introduce a new medical device, working to prototype the device through to high-volume production, in March. It will detail processes and how manufacturers can/need to adapt to the new challenges.
Wed, Feb 10, 2021 · 2:30 PM London (GMT 0:00)
  • Understand the impact of COVID pandemic on the electronics industry
  • Learn how DVR supported the NHS in the Ventilator challenge
  • Discover how to manage operational challenges in a crisis
  • Gain insight into the DVR Mechanism
  • Book an appointment to find out how DVR can support your electronic manufacturing needs
Tony O’Brien
Sales Director, DVR
“I have been with DVR for nearly 12-years, although I have been in the industry for 46 years.
I am an experienced electronics engineering with knowledge in PCB and electronic assembly processes and techniques. I transitioned to Business Development and over the time with DVR have helped the company to grow to more than £10 million. DVR is a proud supporter of the UK electronics industry and we continue to invest in our services and capabilities to support our aim to be one of the best contract manufacturing services in the UK.”
Mark Patmore
New Business Development Manager, DVR
“I have been working in the electronics industry for some 50 years and been with DVR for almost 9 years. I have worked across most disciplines within the electronics manufacturing sector, with experience of PCB manufacturing, assembly, testing, and design. I also have experience in manufacturing for TV Broadcast and Transmission, and factory automation markets. I, now, form part of the business development team focusing on developing DVR’s extensive manufacturing offering across contract electronic manufacturing.”
Laura Robson
New Business Development Manager, DVR
“I am responsible for the development of new business at DVR. While I am the newest member of the team at DVR joining in Aug ’20, I have over 5 years experience in the electronics industry and sales nearly 12. My particular focus is working closely with customers on new concepts and ideas and how DVR can support these projects with our vast range of technical and development capabilities.”