Requirements in modern industrial applications are increasingly complex. With many options to choose from such as pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuation, selecting the best solution for each application is essential. The industry is increasingly opting for electric actuation as the seemingly cleaner, quieter solution.

But is it really that straightforward and what should you consider before selecting the best actuation solution? Join our webinar to hear from our product experts.
Wed, Mar 10, 2021 · 3:30 PM London (GMT 0:00)
  • Why consider electrification?
  • Basics of Electric Actuation
  • Comparing pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuation
  • Overview of Norgren ELION Electric Actuators
  • Examples of applications using Electric Actuation
Simon Gass
Product Marketing Manager
I am a mechanical engineer who has spent a career in the pneumatics industry working primarily in design and development environments, but also with production and marketing experience.

I am currently a Product Manager responsible for our pneumatic and electric actuator ranges in our EMEA Industrial Automation business. This involves executing cradle to grave product lifecycle activities, from market research for new product development, managing the launch of new products, growing sales of the existing portfolio and efficient product obsolescence.

Prior to this, I spent 30 years working with design teams developing products and systems for customers in many different countries in industrial automation, life science and commercial vehicle industries.