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About St Christopher's

St Christopher’s is a charity founded in 1870 to create brighter futures for children and young people. We work across the UK and Isle of Man providing children’s homes, semi-independent accommodation and support, fostering and specialist support services, all designed for young people in care, on the edge of care, or leaving care. We work alongside young people to support their development, grow their confidence and reach their full potential.

Our work is shaped by the ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ principles of social pedagogy. The Head represents the evidence-base behind our practice; Heart is for the meaningful relationships we forge with young people; and the Hands symbolise how we equip young people for real life by empowering them to make decisions.

Andrew Lewis
Head of Development and Placements for St Christopher’s Fellowship
Andrew Lewis is Head of Development and Placements for St Christopher’s Fellowship where he leads on new service development and local authority engagement. Andrew has overseen the creation of St Christopher’s Department for Education Staying Close Pilot and written the service specification for the Home Office funded Trusted Spaces community service responding to young people and families at risk of county lines and serious youth violence in the London Borough of Ealing. Previously within his 12 year experience in the sector Andrew has worked as a Semi-Independent Home Manager and young people’s Supported Housing Officer.
This webinar will show you…
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    Independent Return Home Interviews
    Independent Return Home Interviews offer 1-2-1 support for young people who have gone missing & their caregivers. Genuine relationships & signposting help us understand their experiences, reduce/prevent missing behaviour & growing self-confidence.
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    Specialist mentoring interventions - Young Siblings Mentoring
    Targeted youth intervention mentoring for children aged 10-14 with an older sibling known to the criminal justice system. Our specialist team work in partnership with Barnet Council to provide ten mentoring sessions in the community.
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    Trusted Spaces – Detached & Community Youth Work to prevent exploitation
    Detached and community youth work for young people at risk of grooming, exploitation or gang involvement. The team address issues of social isolation to ensure young people have a trusted adult they can turn to 24/7.