About This Webinar
This session will consider practical ways to integrate the pastoral curriculum into the whole-school curriculum/programmes of study. It will provide useful whole-school strategies & approaches across a number of areas, including statutory Health Education & Relationships and Sex Education, eSafety, pupil wellbeing, and financial understanding. The session will also link the advice and ideas on offer to Ofsted EIF’s requirements for pupil wellbeing, safety and pastoral education.

The handout for this session is available by clicking the handout icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the video player.
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    Maria O’Neill
    Advanced Skills Teacher & Director, UK Pastoral Support

    Maria is an advanced skills teacher, pastoral leader and PhD researcher. She is Founder of Pastoral Support UK, an organisation that works to raise the profile of pastoral leadership and enhance opportunities for pastoral professional development. She has contributed to planning and delivery of pastoral postgraduate studies and coaches postgraduate students as part of the programme. Her book Proactive Pastoral Care: nurturing happy, healthy and successful learners is due to be published in 2021.