About This Webinar
In this session, colleagues will be encouraged to consider the benefits of young people engaging with research projects across Key Stages 3–5, and how research projects have the potential to stimulate thinking beyond the taught curriculum to enrich learning experiences. We identify how project qualifications provide young people with opportunities to take part in passion projects that develop critical thinking and self-efficacy. A research culture in schools, at its most effective, is inclusive for both staff and students, where an appreciation of supervisory dialogue and the learning process is fundamental in achieving successful outcomes. Here, we refer to project-based learning as supporting the recovery curriculum and the Good Career Guidance outlined in the Gatsby Framework.

Our discussion values the opportunities that project-based tasks offer, where the holistic development of students is prioritised through providing networking possibilities to grow in confidence and capabilities.

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The handout for this session is available by clicking the handout icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the video player.
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    Jenny Clements
    Head of Project Qualifications and English teacher, The Sweyne Park School in Rayleigh, Essex

    Jenny Clements is committed to establishing a research culture where independent thinking and criticality is championed. Professional responsibilities include the positions of Coordinator for The Higher Project Qualification and The Extended Project Qualification; UCAS and Early Applicant lead; and whole-school supra-curricular promoter.

    Jenny is a 6th year doctoral student at The UCL Institute of Education and is passionate about the ways in which research students at Key Stage 3 experience supervisory dialogue and how research experiences can be improved for both students and supervisors. She has completed a Master of Arts in English Education and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences and Research Methods from UCL.

    Jenny has experience of presenting and attending research conferences including The British Curriculum Forum (BERA) and peer reviews for the International Journal of Innovation in Education (IJIIE). Jenny is always committed to working in partnership with others, with strong working relationships forged with The University of Southampton and the University of Warwick. She also holds a position on The Guardian Teacher Network Panel, evaluating how the network might better promote issues affecting practitioners today.
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    Nick Brown
    Head of MFL and Extended Project Qualification, Lincoln Castle Academy

    Nick Brown is a teacher of languages, EPQ and Maths. He is very passionate about project work and has an MA focussing on study skills and preparing students for life beyond the classroom.

    Nick has been a head of department in schools in a variety of different contexts and worked as an assistant headteacher with responsibility for teaching and learning. He spent a year’s secondment as a county advisor. Nick is very passionate about project work. At Pearson’s Digital Live 2020 online conference, he co-presented a session on the ‘Successful implementation of project learning in an online environment’.