About This Webinar
During the past year, the curriculum offering of the six primary schools within the Warrington Primary Academy Trust has been radically redesigned with research evidence, empowered subject leaders and high-quality CPD being placed at its heart. In this workshop, CEO Louise Smith – who is also an Ofsted inspector – will discuss the research base that they have drawn upon, how this has been translated into practice, and the range of elements that have gone to make the MAT’s final curriculum model.

Discussions will include a focus on what powerful knowledge actually is and its place in the curriculum, how the curriculum has been developed to match the context of all six schools, and how staff have been supported via CPD and training.

A key focus will include how the MAT has involved and prepared its subject leaders to ensure ownership and empowerment, as well as models of succession planning to ensure new staff members understand the intent, implementation and impact of the new curriculum.

The MAT’s new curriculum is already being taught – “we’re flying the plane as we build it” – and it has also been subject to an Ofsted inspection with very positive results.

The handout for this session is available by clicking the handout icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the video player.
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    Louise Smith
    Chief Executive Officer, Warrington Primary Academy Trust

    Louise is a national leader of education, active Ofsted inspector, and an inspirational, enthusiastic leader, who shares her vision and commitment to achieving excellence.

    Her areas of expertise are within KS1 and KS2 in schools with significant socio-economic barriers. Louise's main goal is to improve the life-chances of pupils, especially disadvantaged, through the belief of high expectations for them, with a team of dedicated teachers providing excellence in teaching and learning.

    Her influence has been felt throughout Warrington and beyond as a driver of school improvement. She has grasped opportunities for innovation in teaching and learning supporting colleagues and headteachers in achieving outcomes, in which children perform above expectations.