About This Webinar
Holmfirth Junior, Infants & Nursery School began the process of re-examining its curriculum in September 2019, a process which has led to the 4Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Curiosity, & Creativity – being placed at the heart of the school’s teaching and learning. In this workshop, headteacher Julian Rose will discuss the reasoning behind the new-look curriculum, how the school has gone from vision to implementation, how the 4Cs work in practice, how curriculum milestones have been set for each subject, and how the Kagan principles have been implemented at the school. A key topic for discussion will be how the school has empowered its teaching staff to have ownership of the curriculum, including the school’s subject leads – known as Subject Supporters – who are playing a key role in delivery. The workshop will seek to facilitate debate among colleagues about curriculum reform and implementation within their own primary schools.

The handout for this session is available by clicking the handout icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the video player.
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    Julian Rose
    Headteacher, Holmfirth Junior, Infants & Nursery School, West Yorkshire

    “Don’t walk behind me: I may not lead.
    Don’t walk in front of me: I may not follow.
    Just walk beside me.”

    Quoting Winnie the Pooh in highly esteemed educational circles may not be the wisest move, but it’s an honest assessment of how I believe that schools should ideally operate. When I joined Holmfirth JIN School in September 2015, it was clear that there was an experienced and talented staff team. Looking back, there have been times when we have recognised that we have needed each other’s hand and the accompanying squeeze. Education is a serious business, therefore remaining aligned with the key people who advance learning and advance lives is paramount. As a school which has a historical association with a tigger, it is vital that we keep our bounce!
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    Jon Warrener
    Year 6 Teacher & Assistant Headteacher, Holmfirth Junior, Infants & Nursery School, West Yorkshire

    Working at “Nabb,” is an experience and a privilege. My appreciation of our quirky school was sealed quickly when, on returning back from a course, I could not locate my Year Six class who were in theory learning equivalent fractions. I found them engrossed in an impromptu ballroom dancing lesson led by a lady who I later discovered was the granny of one of my pupils and had dropped in to deliver a cake. Whilst my step-ball-change is poor, Mrs Hartley-Walker perhaps deserves royalties for laying the ground work of our 4C curriculum – it hit all the marks! To my knowledge, none of the children are as yet signed up for Strictly, but they talk to me more about that than they do equivalent fractions.
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    Jane Perrons
    Year 5 Teacher & Assistant Headteacher, Holmfirth Junior, Infants & Nursery School, West Yorkshire

    Why am I passionate about 4c4life? I think these 4 C’s really have had a dramatic impact on my personal life as well as my professional life. Ultimately without sounding dramatic I think they saved my life 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with the big C.

    Firstly came ‘curiosity’ to research new treatments and tests. Finding the best books and articles. Next came ‘communication’ to ask challenging questions to the health professionals. The answers guided me along a slightly unconventional path. The constant ‘communication’ with family and loved ones which gave invaluable support. Finally, the ‘creativity’ to embrace a bespoke nutritional journey to wellness using alternative therapies alongside more traditional ones. By having the courage to explore each one of these 4C’s 4life I survived! I am still here after 30 years of primary teaching thriving and incredibly grateful to be doing a job I love with a team I respect in beautiful Yorkshire.