About This Webinar
Thursday 21st January | 3:15pm

We realise how important it is for schools to offer a diverse curriculum. After all, your students are unique, and your curriculum should be too!

With V Cert Technical Awards from NCFE, you can develop an enhanced and unique curriculum, so every one of your learners can reach their full potential. V Certs are our vocational alternatives to GCSEs, specifically designed for 14-16 learners.

Join us as we take you through how V Certs can enhance learner experiences and success and how centres are already using these qualifications to create great learner outcomes.

The handout for this session is available by clicking the handout icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the video player.
Rachel Butler

Rachel is the Product Manager for schools at NCFE, looking after our range of qualifications for KS4 pupils. She works with schools like yours to develop qualifications that meet the needs of pupils and teachers, with the ultimate goal of achieving the best outcomes for young learners.

“No two learners are the same, and I’m excited to help you to build a unique curriculum that engages your pupils and allows them to achieve their full potential.”
This webinar will show you…
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    V Certs
    An introduction to V Certs, NCFE’s technical qualifications which hold performance points, designed for schools who want to diversify their curriculum with vocational alternatives to GCSEs at Key Stage 4.
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    Teacher Support
    Learn about the support we offer to make delivery as simple as possible, from our full packages of free teaching resources to our dedicated Curriculum team who are on hand to help your school throughout the year.
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    Our qualifications in RSHE not only ensure you’re compliant with the new government regulations on RSHE delivery, but also give your learners valuable recognition of their achievement.