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We absolutely know how hard it can be to learn an instrument and become creative on it. Internet forums resonate daily seeking help on all aspects of this. MusicIncite Ltd was founded in 2013 to tackle this head-on. What we do is make it really easy to acquire the knowledge and technique so everyone has a chance to experience the joy of improvising and writing western-cultured music. Our flagship music software platform, emuso/Studio, drastically simplifies learning musical concepts through visualisation, and provides excellent tools for technique building, ear training and practice. It is designed for all musicians who want a fast, effective, and transparent way to learn, explore, and practice music.

Emuso/Studio can be used as a stand-alone or a complementary adjunct to music education that employs music notation. It empowers musicians to see, hear, and experiment on-instrument even when their notation-reading skills and instrument knowledge are non-existent. We have employed natural learning processes that surface through innovations in media synchronization and through the user interface design.

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Jerry Kramskoy
CEO/CTO MusicIncite Ltd
As a 30+ year, experienced architect, of global software products for mobile, consumer and enterprise markets. These products are in your pocket (mobile), in your car (infotainment) and in your home (BluRay, STBs, DVRs, etc.) As a pioneer, expert, inventor (patented) and co-founder of an international global software company, Insignia Solutions PLC (Nasdaq). Jerry has received the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievements twice. He has been SVP of Strategic Technology for Esmertec AG (SWX) in the mobile space, Recently, he has led BBC R&D mobile research, and then Companion Screen research. Chair of DVB CM-COS setting commercial requirements for companion screen synchronization for Europe (now reflected in HbbTV 2.0). With over 40 years in playing the guitar, he is an Ex-Pro-Guitarist, 30 years as a music instructor, and music theory expert. MusicIncite is the result of bringing his two passions together.
Jonathan Eno BEM
Jon Eno, comes from a family of musicians and educators that includes Brian & Roger Eno (U2 & Roxy Music, David Bowie). Originally from Ripley (Derbyshire), he is now based out of Brittany in France with frequent travel to the U.K. to work with both his company, HHMUSIC LLP (Hot House Music Schools) and as an education expert on a wide variety of boards. As someone who grew up when all “music education was free”, Jon values the support and opportunities he received during his formative years and subsequently uses them as a motivator for working regularly with both public and private sectors including a number of not-for-profit organisations and charities.
Thomas Christel
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    Emuso/Studio is the Ultimate Help System for all musicians, of all ages (above 10) and skill levels. Emuso is explicitly designed to help our users with learning, practicing, exploring and teaching music.
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    Emuso employs a unique visual approach to theory and can separate (or combine) rhythm from pitch. Consequently, our users rapidly absorb the concepts available, to free up their brains' working memory to focus on the task in hand.
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    We provide the tools and knowledge that enable our users, through natural learning, to understand the note choices made in songs, and hence how to improvise and compose.