Recorded Wed, October 14, 2020 12:00 pm (EDT)
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    Day 1 will start with a fascinating keynote panel on women and girls in music technology from 5.00-5.40pm.

    This session brings together a panel of female audio professionals leading the way in their creative and technical specialism. Katie Tavini is a mastering engineer whose credits include: Decca, Royal Philharmonic and We Are Scientists. Rita Campbell is an internationally acclaimed vocalist who writes for Film and TV and produces a range of electronic music. Amy Dickens is a researcher and developer who designs and builds accessible digital instruments. Hosted by Kate Rounding, Development Director TiME UK, this session highlights the innovative work of female professionals, and aims to inform and inspire the next generation of women in music technology.

    Amy Dickens, Researcher in Accessible Music Technology
    Katie Tavini, Professional Mastering Engineer
    Rita Campbell, Vocal Artist, Songwriter, Session Singer
    Kate Rounding, Director of Development at TiME
  • Agenda
    • 5.00pm | Keynote 3: Women in Music Technology - Production, Mastering, and Innovation | Kate Rounding, Amy Dickens, Katie Tavini & Rita Campbell
    • 5.40pm | Virtual exhibition and networking break
    • 6.00pm | Music tech for learners with additional needs
    • 6.30pm | Music tech for early years and primary - Chris Pietrek
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    Anyone with the event link can attend
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