About 1decision


Our Early Years portal is suitable for children aged 3-5.

Our Early Years resources have been designed to meet the needs of the Development Matters Framework and cover a number of key areas but, in particular, elements of PSED.

Students are guided through our Early Years resources by our colourful Rainbow Drop characters. Throughout these resources, the Rainbow Drops will go on many adventures and learn a lot about the wider world that they live in.

The Early Years portal can be purchased as an online only subscription and there are also booster packs available.

You will find the following unique resources within the Early Years portal:

• Dilemma Drops
• Online Storybooks
• Animated Storybooks
• Mindfulness Videos
• Sorting Cards
• Talking Cards
• Posters
• Extra Activities

To trial our Early Years resources, please visit: https://www.1decision.co.uk/pre-order-our-early-years-programme
Hayley Sherwood
Founder and CEO of 1decision
Passionate about safeguarding children as early as possible and supporting teachers to deliver effective life skills lessons.
This webinar will show you…
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    Unique variety of resources
    High quality animations to bring the classroom to life and engage children further.
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    Early Years Portal
    Easy to access portal to support early years settings in reaching expectations.
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    Mindfulness videos
    Included within the portal, we provide many mindfulness videos for students.