In this webinar Protolabs explore the material selection process for injection moulded parts. Application Engineer, Marco Tonnarelli, will first provide an overview of the main thermoplastics and give you his advice on how to choose the best materials for your injection moulded parts.

It will also encourage you to ask yourself the right questions during your design phase: should your part be transparent? Will it be in contact with chemicals? Will it be subjected to extreme temperatures?

This webinar will finally end with a brief presentation of Protolabs’ on-demand injection moulding offering and the opportunity to have your questions answered.

5 key points delegates will learn during webinar:

-Types of thermoplastics available
-How to choose the right material for your injection moulded parts
-Questions to ask during the design phase
-The benefits of on-demand injection moulding
Marco Tonnarelli
Applications Engineer, Protolabs
Highly qualified from the Università degli Studi di Padova, over the past 8 years Marco has been an integral part of the customer facing Applications Engineer Team at Protolabs. The team is a key resource both internally and externally, offering high level technical support and advisories when searching for Design and Manufacturing solutions.

Marco has an impressive knowledge of all the core services offered by Protolabs; INJECTION MOULDING, CNC MACHINING, and 3D PRINTING. He is regularly featured in technical webinars and ‘Ask the Expert’ Q&A sessions to support his strong portfolio of expertise within the digital manufacturing circuit.
Paul Fanning
Editor - Eureka! Magazine
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