As a world leader in automation communication technologies, HMS Industrial Networks has a unique view of how automation technologies connect. The presentation will be explaining the issues that automation users and manufacturers face when technologies come together.

In the new age of IIoT, Industry 4.0 etc. IT solutions are merging with OT systems, Cloud technology in automation is all the rage, Mobile phone technology such as 5G is merging with industrial wireless applications, data is becoming the new oil, and now with Covid-19 our vulnerabilities to keep systems running 24/7 have been exposed. This presentation will highlight these areas of concern within the automation industry, as well as addressing what can be done to overcome some of these issues to ensure automation progression rather than destructive collision.

Delegates will learn during webinar:
- To find out what technology collision is
- Understand the pitfalls automation users face now and in the future
- To hear how the leader in automation communications deals with technology convergence
-To understand why we have security threats to our automation systems and what we can do to help prevent them
-A neutral perspective regards the latest automation technology trends
Thu, Mar 18, 2021 · 10:00 AM GMT
David Bradley-Folley
General Manager UK+Eire, HMS Industrial Networks UK Ltd
David Bradley-Folley has worked for over 35 years in industrial and Smart building automation systems and has used this knowledge in many countries around the world. David has worked in design, software programming, project management as well as the other side of the fence in selling and marketing automation equipment.
Dr Jens Jakobsen
HMS Labs Development Manager, HMS Industrial Networks UK Ltd
Dr. Jens Jakobsen is HMS Labs Development Manager scouting for trends, people and companies defining the future of industrial communications. He has wide industry experience with companies such as HMS Networks, Schneider Electric and Motorola Solutions. Dr. Jakobsen holds 7 granted patents within telecom and industrial communications.
Jon Excell
Editor - The Engineer
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