In this dynamic, printer-led discussion, we take a deep dive into UV LED curing technology, its place in sheetfed offset printing and whether it provides a way for commercial printers to remain competitive in the new business landscape.

UV LED has been a hot topic in the industry for a number of years, and while it has become the dominant technology for some applications, in the commercial arena take up has arguably been slower than predicted. This session will look at what's involved when switching to UV LED, what aspects must be carefully considered and any real or perceived challenges, and the real world benefits it could bring to your business.

The session will hear from print business owners that in one shape or form have been UV LED trailblazers, who will share their own experiences, ranging from initial concerns around costs and ROI to whether the manufacturer's claims stacked up in real life.

We will hear the real pros and cons of working with UV LED without the sales pitch, directly from printers who have had systems either retrofitted to their press or configured from new.

You will learn:
• How litho can remain competitive in the commercial print arena
• What UV LED curing brings to the production process
• The types of businesses and work mixes it is right for and, importantly, wrong for
• If retrofitting is a realistic option, and what are the risks/downsides?
• The real cost impact of switching to UV LED
• The real-life ROI timescales a print business can expect from switching
• The impact of switching to a UV LED workflow and what you need to consider
• What the manufacturers DON’T tell you
• The risks, if any, of not switching to UV LED in the future.

Wed, Mar 30, 2022 · 12:30 PM London (GMT +1:00)
David May
Managing Director - Empress
Steve Wenlock
Managing Director – Flexpress
Gary Peeling
CEO - Precision ProCo
Jamie Neill
Sales Manager – UK & Ireland at GEW
Darryl Danielli
Editor - Printweek magazine