Two key performance concerns for both consumers and EV manufacturers are the ability to charge EV batteries faster and deliver higher acceleration power. Safety is at the core of enabling those benefits. When used in battery separators, Kevlar® MicroCore™ can help prevent the biggest safety issue for EV batteries—thermal runaway. Attend this webinar to learn more about this new technology from DuPont and our launch partner NKK.

Attendees will learn about:

- Kevlar® MicroCore™, a new technology that can be used in battery separators.
- The benefits of this solution which is designed to help address growing demand for safer, higher-performing batteries by providing better ionic conductivity, high-temperature-resistance, and no shrinking.
- Testing results will be shared to demonstrate the solution provides excellent wettability and heat resistance.
- A unique combination of properties makes separators made with Kevlar® MicroCore™ ideal for EV batteries and specialty batteries.
James Billington
B. Sam Kang
Principal Investigator, Automotive Battery Applications, DuPont Automotive
Dr. B. Sam Kang is currently a principal investigator in the Automotive team at DuPont. Dr. Kang is leading development efforts inside the new battery, battery cell, module and pack technology, design as well as inside battery (Lithium-ion battery separator) projects. He has filed 20 US patents with 5 honors, received ten awards in research projects, and published more than 86 peer-reviewed journal papers.
Conor Sheehan
Applications Development Engineer, DuPont Automotive
Conor Sheehan is currently an Application Development Engineer specialising in battery safety solutions at DuPont. He has experience with design & technology development for automotive and commercial battery systems. Conor works closely to support Automotive and Battery OEM’s in enhancing battery thermal and electrical safety.
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