With a myriad of processes in the chemical & pharma industry, we emphasize that there's no 'one pump fits all' solution. Our expert speakers will walk you through the process of making the right selection, considering not only immediate needs but also the total cost of ownership over time.
We'll also delve into critical factors such as planned maintenance and condition monitoring - keys to ensuring your vacuum systems run optimally while minimizing unforeseen operational disruptions.
Why attend? This webinar promises to equip attendees with the knowledge to make more informed decisions around vacuum pump technology. Understanding these elements could mean the difference between operational excellence and costly downtime.

Delegates will learn:
1. Comprehensive understanding of vacuum systems tailored for chemical and pharma processing applications
2. The basic rules for effectively managing corrosive processes and ensuring safe, efficient operations.
3. Strategies for selecting the most suitable vacuum pump technologies based on the unique process requirements of different operations.
4. An in-depth look at the total cost of ownership of various vacuum pump technologies, helping delegates make more economically sound decisions.
5. Insight into best practices for planned maintenance and condition monitoring, key strategies to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of vacuum systems.

David Gulick
Strategy & Operations Director
David Gulick's career began in the United States Army before transitioning to the rotating equipment industry. With 28 years of experience, he initially focused on off-highway vehicle drivetrains, holding various operational, product development, and commercial leadership positions.
For the subsequent 18 years, David transitioned to the vacuum equipment industry, where he assumed strategic and leadership roles, making significant contributions to manufacturing, product development, product management and sales expansion.
Thorsten Sierk
Vacuum Specialist
With a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Lübeck, Thorsten has over 30 years of experience, specializing in vacuum and vapor recovery systems.
His career includes roles as product manager for dry and liquid ring vacuum pumps, introducing the successful SIHIdry model. Thorsten’s extensive expertise lies in the design, operation, and control of dry and liquid ring vacuum systems, primarily in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Additionally, Thorsten possesses a profound understanding of chemical fundamentals and vacuum principles.
David Barker
Vacuum Specialist
With a career spanning over a decade in the rotating equipment industry, David Barker has devoted six years to specializing in vacuum equipment. He embarked on his journey at Flowserve as applications engineer and subsequently transitioned into his current position as a specialist for vacuum equipment, which he has held for the past years.
David earned his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas in Austin. His expertise primarily lies in the design, operation, and control of the dry vacuum systems. In addition, David possesses comprehensive knowledge of vacuum fundamentals, as well as expertise in designing rotating equipment systems and integrating controls and IoT technologies.
David Binge
Brand Manager – World Pumps
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