Want to find out the secret to providing long-term value to your customers? In an upcoming webinar, Content Guru will reveal how its channel partners have switched to single-stack purchasing with lucrative results.

Resellers and MSPs that include customer experience solutions within their portfolio can help their customers keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations. However, as technology develops, the old ‘patchwork quilt’ approach to adding value to a partner offering is no longer viable.

Many end customers have a sprawling customer experience estate – including their call centre, messenger, chatbots, and social media. Bolting on additional tools as requirements change is simply too inefficient to meet today’s demands.

Content Guru will explain how its evergreen, cloud-based solution can provide a strong foundation for a customer experience offering. This reduces the time needed to reap the business benefits of new technologies, and provides an end-to-end solution for the entire customer journey.

In the webinar, you will learn:
• What is a single-stack solution?
• The post-pandemic changes in customer demands.
• 3 customer experience paradigm shifts.
• Anticipatory customer service – the importance of agility.
• COVID-19 – a bad excuse for poor customer service.
Thu, Nov 11, 2021 · 10:30 AM London (GMT 0:00)
Edward Winfield
Head of Global Partnerships, Content Guru
Edward Winfield is Head of Global Partnerships at Content Guru. As a high-growth CCaaS company, collaborating with partners is a vital part of Content Guru’s global growth strategy. A veteran in the SaaS and technology space, Edward has over 20 years’ experience as a telecommunications leader, which he leverages to create lasting partnerships, and deliver cutting-edge solutions that anticipate evolving customer needs.
Sam Fuller
Customer Success Director - Content Guru
Charlotte Hathway
Editor - Comms Business