Automotive industry is facing a turning point with the rise of EV and autonomous driving. Aside from the battery, powertrain electronic and photoelectronics components/modules also play important roles when the industry is moving toward this big trend.

This talk will address various application scenarios such as headlamp, in-cabin control/display, 3D sensing for autonomous. After elaborating on the pros & cons and characteristics of photoelectronics devices used in said applications, it will cover test concerns and solutions available at Chroma.

You will learn:
1. The role of photoelectronics in modern automotive design.
2. Competing technologies and their pros & cons..
3. Design concerns when using photoelectronics devices.
4. Application/technology dependent testing parameters of photoelectronics devices.
5. Chroma’s solutions and services.
James Billington
Editor - Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Magazine
Jeff Lee
VP Sales and Marketing - Chroma ATE INC.
1. 30 years in test & measurement turnkey solutions for power electronics, LED, PV, PXI, AOI, thermoelectric, VCSEL, and 3D sensing.
2. Co-chair of SEMI Taiwan PV Standard Committee.
3. Inventor of five PV & LED patents at Chroma ATE INC.
4. Leading Chroma 3D sensing test solution with key accounts.
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