Fast, safe and reliable connections for fluid handling systems.

ARaymond Quick Connectors offer a range of technical solutions for fluid connections in the automotive, truck, motorbike and off-road vehicles market; and increasingly in plant and power generation.

Found in many applications, Quick connectors are compatible with Fuel (liquid and vapour), EV Battery and engine cooling, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction - UREA), Air conditioning, HVAC, Brake and Power steering.

There are many benefits to using Quick Connectors in your application:
• They help manufacturers with weight and space reduction
• They reduce the effort and time taken to assemble – thus improving productivity
• Quick Connectors are safe, providing visual and audio confirmation of assembly
• They meet standard SAE J2044 and VDA specifications
• They’re manufactured in various materials to meet all environments.
Wed, Jun 30, 2021 · 11:30 AM London (GMT +1:00)
Justin Lawrence
Applications Engineer, TFC Ltd
Justin is an Applications Engineer at TFC Ltd and specialises in the technical sales of ARaymond Quick Connectors along with specifying and the design of Smalley wave springs and retaining rings.
Justin has worked at TFC for over 17 years and has a breadth of experience designing bespoke products for a wide range of customer applications across many industries, including (but not limited to) automotive, medical and oil and gas.
Paul Fanning
Editor - Eureka! Magazine