Rolling bearings are components whose optimization represents a challenge in development and application. In particular, the monitoring of lubrication and the prevention of current-related damage offer significant potentials.
Driven by the need to omit fossil fuels, electrification of power trains is further speeding up.
While electrified powertrains have been near omnipresent in trains and streetcars, electrification of heavy-duty vehicles and private cars is now significantly picking up.
This development is creating new challenges for the various bearing types used in the power trains and motors, as high voltages and the corresponding currents cause a variety of new bearing failures. These failures are in addition to the already known bearing failures.
This webinar will give a brief overview of bearing types and typical failures, using a streetcar example for better illustration. It will explore into solutions to avoid these failures with a focus on ceramic coatings.
Learn how the ceramic coatings by Aerosol Deposition are superior to those by Atmospheric Plasma Spraying. Furthermore, due to their physical properties, ceramic coatings by Aerosol deposition are also key to preventing bearing failures that are not related to electrification.
They enable real-time monitoring of the lubricant. This predictive maintenance approach reduces unpredicted downtime and allows the full use of a bearing lifetime.
Nico Frühwacht
Sales and Business Development
With a bachelor's degree in business administration and professional experience spanning nearly two decades in technical sales, Nico Frühwacht is looking forward to introducing exceptional/unique/outstanding features of Aerosol Deposition coatings. At Heraeus High Performance Coatings he is the expert for the application of AD coatings in ball bearings and responsible for global sales and business development. Prior to his engagement with Heraeus HPC he was responsible for the sales of precious metal-based products with a high degree of technical complexity and high temperature sensors for industrial applications.
Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schirra
Founder and Managing Director
As Founder and Managing Director of HCP Sense since 2021, I've spearheaded innovative solutions in the field of rolling bearings, leveraging my extensive research background. We've developed cutting-edge technologies to enhance bearing monitoring, resulting in increased efficiency and reliability across various industries. With a Master's degree in Mechanical and Process Engineering from TU Darmstadt in 2017, I started my tenure as a research associate at the Institute for Product Development and Machine Elements at TU Darmstadt. There I specialized in the calculation and measurement of electrical properties of rolling bearings.
Benedict Evans
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