How ready is UK manufacturing to meet its Net Zero targets?

The recent survey by Manufacturing Management and Inenco has highlighted an alarming lack of preparedness amongst many organisations. Although many organisations have set an aspirational date to achieve net zero there is often a lack of detailed planning or the resources, skills, and stakeholder buy-in to achieve the objective.

In this upcoming webinar we will outline the findings of the research, highlight the common barriers but most importantly set out how best to set out and deliver a practical and achievable net zero transition plan.

Inenco are focused on delivering better business in a greener world and playing a genuine role in mitigating climate change. As a leading consultancy with over 50 years of energy management and sustainability experience they work with a large cohort of leading manufacturers in the UK to reduce carbon, optimise energy consumption, ensure compliance, and control costs.

They will be covering:

• What are the drivers that are increasing the focus on Net Zero?
• How do you understand where you are starting from a set a realistic target?
• How do organisations best engage with their stakeholders and achieve real behavioural change amongst their people?
• What is the real and growing cost of inaction?
• Inenco’s step by step approach to defining a Net Zero Transition Plan.

We hope you can join us on 28th November at 10:00 am for what we intend to be a practical and insightful session.

Jordan Rassas
Head of New Business
Jordan Rassas has over 10 years’ experience of helping leading organisations to define the most effective energy procurement strategy and how best to mitigate the impact of rising energy costs. He has held several senior roles with leading consultancies and is now leading Inenco’s new client acquisition. As well as coaching clients in how to think holistically around energy procurement, he is equally passionate about helping them to optimise consumption and chart a path to carbon net zero.
Paul Fanning
Editor, Manufacturing Management
Alex Wilson
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