Join Aerospace Testing International in association with IPETRONIK, as we discuss how to maximize engine test cell efficiency with cutting-edge data acquisition solutions.

New jet engines are crucial for fuel efficiency and sustainability, but the development and production of jet engines require significant amounts of testing.

Engine test cells are highly expensive assets, and we must use them as efficiently as possible. Learn how, by maximising test cell utilisation with the use of pylon-mounted data acquisition units and thus, minimising time for wiring engines inside the test cell.

Furthermore, initial integration effort of new measurement equipment can be significantly reduced, by using standard data acquisition protocols like iDDS. While looking at flight testing of engines, the numbers of wires penetrating the pressurized hull, can be largely reduced by mounting the DAQ to the engine.

IPETRONIK’s highly precise measurement technology, rugged DAQ and recorders are used for engine test cells, flight tests and test of new propulsion system under extreme climate conditions. Well known are its highly precise thermocouple scanners with up to 96 channels

Dr. Ingo Pletschen
Product Manager Aerospace & Cloud
Dr. Ingo Pletschen studied at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and graduated with a diploma degree in electrical engineering. Afterwards he gained his Doctor of Engineering at the Technical University of Munich.

After several positions within the Aerospace industry, he joined IPETRONIK to develop its business of data acquisition and data recorders in the aerospace sector.
Ben Sampson
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